The Cristacurva Family

Cristacurva has been built around the specialty glass essentials of the architectural and construction market. A commitment to the industry, the A&D community, and its customers, inspired the development of Cristacurva’s multiple advanced technologies in engineering and manufacturing special glass products. This inspiration has satisfied our passion for great execution of architectural challenging projects, operational excellence, and the development of new markets aside of our local ones.

We believe in service, therefore the Cristacurva philosophy is one based on personal support, involvement, and facilitation. We strive to impress upon our society by having a place where people excel at what they do with gratification upon serving our customers in exceeding their expectations.

The different technologies Cristacurva has developed has been to cater to very distinct needs of the architectural glass world by offering high end products with exceptional quality. Cristacurva products have always been directed to specific niche markets, specialized in quality, reliability, performance, engineering, and design-oriented architectural sustainable products.

At Cristacurva, we have concentrated our efforts for nearly 30 years on improving the technologies and services that make signature designs come to life for the entire world.